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• Click “MAESTRO Login” in the left sidebar.
• Use your myNMSU log in.
• Don’t have an NMSU username & password? You can request access on the MAESTRO log in screen or email care@research.nmsu.edu.

* click HERE for more information.


• On the home page, click “My Certificates” (PDF files only).
• You will then obtain your certificate form.
• Expired certificates cannot be uploaded.
• Each individual team member must upload their own training certificate(s), team members must login and upload their own.

* Enter the expiration date; NIH training expires every 3 years and CITI expires every 2 years
* click HERE for more information.

• Click “My applications” on the home page. Only the PI can fill out an application.
• Select form template from the list.
• Fill out the relevant form.
• Identify research & approval team members in the section labeled “Click to add or edit research & approval team members”; the Department Head is required on all applications; Faculty Advisor is required if the PI is a student.
• Include training certificates for yourself and all research and approval team members in the section labeled "Click to add or edit certificates".
• Attach supporting documents.
• This process must be complete, and will determine if the form is approved or returned.
• More information can be found at the FAQ's page.

*Review section 17 labeled “Submission Assistance” checklist use to check for application completeness. 

* click HERE for more information.

What this means:

Click Finalize

  • An e-mail will be sent to all the people you specified in your application as “team member or approver” requesting they review the application and approve it.

What you can do:

  • To speed up the process you can let them know the application is ready to review, they simply need to check their e-mail.

You can proceed when:

  • All team members have individually logged into Maestro, reviewed your application, and clicked on the “approve” button.

To check the sign-off status:

  • To check the status of the team sign-off, login, click My Applications, and view the applications under section labeled “Finalized Forms” and next to each application appears the overall “Team Approval Status”.
  • To check each individual team status, click the application to preview then click the section labeled “Click to view Approval Team information”.  Next to each team member’s name will appear their individual response status.
  • An email will be sent to the PI when all approval team members have signed off and the application is ready to be submitted to the Office of Research Compliance

* click HERE for more information.


The Office of Research Compliance IRB Review Board will e-mail you once your application has been processed to notify you of the application status.

  • An email will be sent letting the PI know if the app has been approved.  The email will contain the approval memo and a pdf file of the approved application packet.
  • If the application is missing any items or further explanation is needed, then an email will be sent to the PI notifying him/her that the application has been returned with comments for amending.
  • * click this link for detail instructions  submit.pdf

* click HERE for more information.


• Congratulations! You will receive an email notifying you that your IRB application has been approved.  It will contain an approval memo and an attached pdf file of your approved packet.       You may begin your research!
• You have 1 year to complete your research (if you still need time, you must fill out a continuation form; email reminders will be sent at 30, 60, and 90 day intervals.).
• Fill out a modification form application if you need to make changes to the original application; this includes changes to team members.

*Fill out a final report when your research is complete to close out the

* Through out the life of an application other states can occur which include the following: continued, modified, continuedmod, completed, final report, adverse event, dismissed, withdrawn, and terminated.

* click Here for more information.


• You will receive an e-mail saying you application has been returned for:

     1. Corrections

     2. Clarification

     3. More Information Required.

• Return to step #3 and use these IRB comments to revise your application.

*General CARE comments as well as specific question comments will be included in the application when it is returned to the PI for amending.

* click HERE for more information.

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ORC Contact Information

Physical Address
Office of Research Compliance
Anderson Hall
New Mexico State University
1050 Stewart St.
Las Cruces, NM 88003-8002

Mailing Address
Office of Research Compliance
New Mexico State University
MSC 3RES P O Box 30002
Las Cruces, NM 88003-8002